Photograph Name Designation Department Highest Qualification Area of Interest/Research Contact Details
Dr. Prameela Kethavath Assistant Professor & I/c Head Chemistry MSc (Org. Chem.), PhD. Organic Chemistry 23680509
Prof.I. Anand Pawar Professor Commerce MBA, M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D. General Management & Marketing 9281013617
Dr.D.Rabindranath Solomon Associate Professor & Head Commerce M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D. Marketing and Taxation 04023680449
Dr. Pallavi Kabde Associate Professor & Head Public Administration M.A, Ph.D. Governance & Public Policy;Urban Governance; Gender Studies; Distance Learning 9281013646
Prof .G. Pushpa Chakrapani Professor & Head Physics M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D(Physics), Ph.D(Education) Physics, Electronics, Bio- Physics, Open distance teaching and Learning 9281013615
Dr. K. Rani Rajitha Madhuri Assistant Professor & I/c Head English M.A. Ph.D English Language and Literature, Indian Writing in English 9281013618
Dr.N.Rajani Associate Professor & Head Telugu M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D. Modern Poetry, Modern Literature 9281013642
Dr. Chandrakala Associate Professor & Head Education M.Ed, M.A (Pub.Ad), M.A (Philosophy), M.phil, Ph.D (Education) B.Ed.SEHI-programme, UGC-NET in Edu 9281013624
Prof. P. Madhusudhana Reddy Professor & Head Geology M.Sc, M.Sc(Tech), Ph.D. Water Resources,Environmental,Geology, Distance Education 9440055588
Prof.Shakeela Khanam Professor & Head Hindi M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Comparitive Literature,ODL, Translation, Official Language, E-Media & Women Studies 9281013640
Dr. G. Dayakar Associate Professor & Head History M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Economics History of Nizam Hyderabad 9281013639
Dr. K. SRIDEVI Associate Professor & Head Mathematics M.Sc , Ph.D. Number Theory 9281013619
Dr. Gunti Ravinder Professor Political Science M.A,BL, Ph.D and PGDHR Tribal Development and Human Rights 9281013626
Dr. G. Mary Sunanda Associate Professor Education M.A (Eng) B.Ed, M.Ed , M.A(Pol.Sci), Ph.D English Methodology 23680432
Dr. G. Lakshmi Associate Professor & Head Political Science M.A, Ph.D, PG Diploma in e-Learning (PGDeL) International Studies, Gender Studies, and e-Learning. +91-040-23680474
Doddapuneni Koteswara Rao Assistant Professor (Contract) Chemistry M.Sc, Ph.D. Organic chemistry 040-23680510
Dr.Avinash.K Assistant Professor (Contract) Hindi M.A, M.PHIL, Ph.D, PGDTSH History of Hindi Literature Translation studies 040-23680421
Dr.V.Venkateshwarlu Adjunct Associate Professor Telugu M.A.(Tel), M.Phil, Ph.D, M.A (Sanskrit), B.Ed. Telugu Classical Literature, Novel 04023680429
Dr. Sumayya Tamkeen Assistant Professor (Contract) Urdu M.A, M.PHIL,PH.D,B.ED Literature 040-23680421
Dr.Mohd Khaja Maqdoom Mohiuddin Assistant Professor (Contract) Urdu Ph.D Literature 040-23680421
Y.Kumar Assistant Professor (Contract) Botany M.Sc , B.Ed Palynology,cell biology,medicinal botany 04023680503
Dr.U.Vijaya Ushasree Assistant Professor (Contract) Physics M.Ed, M.Sc , Ph.D. Spectroscopy in Physics 8008835095
Mendam Kishore Assistant Professor (Contract) Zoology M.Sc (Zoology), B.Ed. Zoology-Entomology 9581823377
Dr. K. Krishna Reddy Associate Professor & Head Economics M.A., Ph.D. Banking and Agricultural Economics 9281013620
Yadagiri Kambhampati Assistant Professor (Contract) Journalism and Mass Communication MCJ Communication, Public Relations, Electronic Media and Advertising Public Relations 040-23680469
Sunil kumar Pothana Assistant Professor (Contract) Journalism and Mass Communication MCJ Print Media, Advertising, Public Relations. 23680477
Prof. V. Sathi Reddy Adjunct Professor Journalism and Mass Communication MCJ, Ph.D Communication Theory, Development Communication 9441264451
Dr. Narsimulu Assistant Professor (Contract) Psychology M.A., M.Ed, M.Phil , Ph.D Social Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology 23680467
Dr. B. Srinivas Associate Professor & Head Sociology M.A.,M.S.W., Ph.D. Rural Sociology,Tribal Studies 23680515, 23680246
Dr. Kanaka Durga Deputy Director (SS) Education -- -- 23680283
K. Uma Devi Assistant Professor (Contract) Education M.A., M.Phil., LL.B., (P.hd. in Education ) B.Ed.(MR).,M.Ed (MR).,Special Education 040-23680491
Dr.Padala Laxman Assistant Professor (Contract) Education M.A(Psy), M.Sc(Maths), M.Ed, Ph.D Educational Psychology, Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Teacher Education, School Management 040-23680337
Mallepaka Nagaraju Assistant Professor (Contract) Education M.Sc(Psy), M.A. (Philo.), M.A.(ELT), M.A.(Tel), MCJ, LLB, M.Ed(Spl.Edn-VI), Ph.D Technology of Education for Visual Impairment 8099042176
J. Aruna Assistant Professor (Contract) Education M.A(Telugu).,LL.B.,M.A(Sociology)., M.ED(Spl.Edn-HI)., M.PHIL(Education). Research in Special Education / Hearing Impairment 23680491
Dr. Pamula Radha Krishna Assistant Professor (Contract) Business Management MBA, Ph.D, UGC-NET , APSET. Marketing and Human Resource Management +919912271327
Dr. A. Kishore Kumar Reddy Associate Professor English M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Comparative Literature Culture Studies, Translation, Religious Studies. 23680423
DR. PONNA SRINIVAS Associate Professor (Retired) Zoology M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., PGDCMP, CYP-PGDYDW. Entomology/Biochemistry/Toxicology --
Dr. P. Rajani Adjunct Associate Professor Chemistry M.Sc., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (Natural Products) 9290 553393
Prof. E. Sudha Rani Professor History M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. Moderan Indian History, Gender Studies, Dalit Studies 23680340
Prof. Srinivas Rao Vaddanam Professor History Ph.D , M. C&J., M.Ed., M.A. (History), M.A .(Philosophy), SLET (History). History 23680320,23680460
DR. N. Rama krishna Assistant Professor (Contract) Botany M.Sc., Ph.D. Medicinal Botany 9652151446
Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani Professor Sociology M.A., Ph.D., (Sociology), & MCJ Sociology of Religion/Social Exclusion/Social of Health 04023680480,04023680410
Dr. P. Venkata Ramana Associate Professor Sociology M.A.,Ph.D (Sociology) Woman Studies/Tribal Studies/Criminology 23680485, 23680240
Prof. S. Radha Krishna Adjunct Professor Economics M.A, Ph.D Economics of Tribal Studies and Labour Economics 9706462478
Kiran Kumar Kolthuri Assistant Professor (Contract) Library Science M.L.I.SC. Library Society ,Information Sources and Services 9885061474,9110390614
B.Raja Goud Assistant Professor (Contract) Library Science MLISC. B.Ed Library and Society,Information Sourcesand Services and Library Management 96666 93339
D.Sriveni Assistant Professor (Contract) Psychology M.A, M.Phil , P.G. D Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics, Health 9392428323.
Prof.D. Janardhan Reddy Adjunct Professor Psychology M.A, Ph.D Social Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Personality 95156796206
Prof .G. Pushpa Chakrapani Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Botany -- -- 040-23680501
Prof. I. Anand Pawar Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Business Management -- -- 9281013617
Prof.Y.S.Kiranmayi Adjunct Professor Business Management M.Com, Ph.D. Business Management 8179886632
Prof. Srinivas Rao Vaddanam Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Psychology -- -- 040-23680460
Dr. A. Venkat Ram Narsimha Reddy Associate Professor Public Administration M.A ,M.Phil,Ph.D. Women Studies & Welfare Administration b) Panchayati Raj, Rural Governance & E- Governance 9391552189
Prof.ChilukaVenkataiah Adjunct Professor Public Administration M.A ,M.Phil,Ph.D. Public Administration 9866113434
Prof. Shakeela Khanam Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Urdu -- - 040-23680421
Prof.G. Pushpa Chakrapani Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Zoology -- -- 040-23680501
Prof. Srinivas Rao Vaddanam Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Journalism and Mass Communication -- -- 040-23680460
Prof. Srinivas Rao Vaddanam Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Library Science -- -- 040-23680460
Dr.K.Dayakar Assistant Professor (Contract) Education M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Ed.(Education), M.A(Psychology)., Ph.D.(Education) Educational Psychology, Teacher Education 9866992176
Dr. Banoth Lal Dean, Student Affairs & Campus Development Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A.( History), M.Phil, P.hd Modern Indian History Life Patterns and Settlement of Banjaras: Customs, Rituals, Institution of Marriage Contribution to the development of Telangana. Historical Perspective. 9281013651
Dr. L. Vijaya krishna Reddy Officer I/c Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A. (Telugu) Ph.D., MCJ, B.Ed. Journalism 9281013650
Dr. Y. Venkateshwarlu Additional Controller Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. Rural Development (Dept: Public Administration) 9281013622
Dr. Banothu Dharma Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) B.E, M.Tech., LLM, MBA, Ph.D in Management, Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. Engg. & Management of Law 9246153893
Dr. D. Sammaiah Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D., Sociology (Rural Sociology) 9281013654
Dr. Kanaka Durga Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph. D. Education 9281013652
Dr.A.Rama Devi Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A., Ph.D. Distance Education / Sociology 9281013656
Dr. Etikyala Rajender Reddy Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) Bio Diversity and Taxonomy of Microfuge 9. Teaching -- 9281013655
Dr. Adulla Renuka Devi Deputy Director (SS) Learner Support Services (LSS) M.A, Ph.D. Medieval History 9281013656
Dr. G Yellaiah Assistant Director Learner Support Services (LSS) Tribal Politics -- 9281013658
Dr.K.Vijaya Kumar Assistant Professor (Contract) Statistics M.Sc., Ph.D. SEMI GROUP THEORY 9248028770
Prof .G. Pushpa Chakrapani Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Statistics M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D(Physics), Ph.D(Education) Physics, Electronics, Bio- Physics, Open distance teaching and Learning 23541375
Prof .G. Pushpa Chakrapani Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Computer Science Applications -- -- 040-23680501
Mr. NARSAIAH BATTU Assistant Professor (Contract) Computer Science Applications M.C.A ., M.Tech(CSE) Computer Applications 8885801804
DR. P. PADMANABHA RAO Adjunct Professor Geography M. A, M. Phil, Ph. D. , P G Dip in Geographical Cartography Urban and Regional Planning, Development, Cartography 9849448201
Prof. Srinivas Rao Vaddanam Incharge Head, by virtue of Position as Dean Geography -- -- 23680460