Functional heads of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University

Name Contact Number Email Address
Prof. K. Seetharama Rao
Vice-Chancellor, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University
040-23544910, 040-23680201
Prof. A. Venkat Ram Narasimha Reddy
Registrar, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University
040-23548270, 040-23680202, Fax:23548433
Prof. Ghanta Pushpa Chakrapani
Director, Academic
040-23544741, 040-23680410
Prof. E. Sudha Rani
Director, Prof. G Ram Reddy Center for Research and Development (GRCR&D)
040-23680340, 9281013649
Dr. K. Sridevi
Director (I/C), Center for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)
+91-9494236871, Office: 040-23680345
Director, Center for Online Education and Learning (COEL)
Dr. L. Vijaya Krishna Reddy
Director, Learner Support Services Branch (LSSB)
040-23544986, 040-23680280
Dr. Banoth Lal
Dean, Student Affairs and Campus Development
040-23680645, 9281013651
Prof. Gunti Ravinder
Director, Materials & Publications
040-23544832, 040-23680370
Prof. Vaddanam Srinivas Rao
Director, Electronic Media Resources & Research Centre (EMR&RC)
040-23607802, 040-23680320
Prof. I. Anand Pawar
Director, Centre for Staff Training and Development (CSTD)
040-23545794, 040-23680360
Dr. D. Rabindranath Solomon
Director In-Charge, Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning (CSD&CP)
040-23540749, 040-23680449
Prof. Pallavi Kabde
Director In-charge, UGC-DEB Affairs
040-23544741, 040-23680494
N.C. Venugopal
In - Charge Finance Officer, Finance Branch
040-23556520, 040-23680260
Dr. P. Venkata Ramana
Controller of Examinations, Examination Branch
040-23541376, 040-23680240
In-Charge, University Library
040-23551171, 040-23680310
Sri. B. Lakshmi Prasad
Executive Engineer, Engineering Branch
040-23680230, 9281013610
D. Vasanth Rao
System Engineer & In-charge, Computer Centre
040-23607803, 040-23680351
Dr. Banothu Dharma
Liaison Officer, SC/ST Cell
040-23556524, 040-23680226, 040-23680226
Prof. G. Mary Sunanda
In-charge, Women’s Development and Extension Centre (WDEC)
040-23556478, 040-23680228
Dr. P. Venu Gopal Reddy
Public Relations Officer, PRO Branch
040-23556503, 040-23680209, 040-23680210
Dr.A.Rama Devi
Coordinator BC Cell