1.About the Department of Urdu
Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language and Second official language of Telangana State. It has a rich heritage of Prose & Poetry was written in the 17th and 19th centuries. Urdu is considered as important language of communication in India. Urdu is one of the departments in the Faculty of Arts in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University offers a complete and holistic study of the discipline of Urdu language through Distance mode. The Department of Urdu was established in the year 1982 and has been offering a wide spectrum of specialised and common core courses at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level Programmes. In keeping with the spirit of the ‘Vision & Mission’ of the University, the department has organized its Academic Programmes to meet the requirements of the diverse sections of the society.
2. Courses-Under Graduate Level
From its inception in 1982, the Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University has identified Urdu as one of the basic subjects at Under Graduation level. The University started offering Urdu in its Bachelor’s Programme at 26 study centers initially and presently it is extended to 218 study centers. The B.A Programme (B.A I, II & III years, CBCS) is offered in Urdu medium. The courses offered in this discipline focus on Core subject areas that are expected to provide students with a solid grounding in the study of Urdu language and Literature.
3. Courses-Post Graduation Level
The department has introduced Post Graduation Programme (M.A. Urdu) from the Academic Year 2010 onwards. The programme is spread over to many study centers at district level in every Academic Year.
The M.A. programme comprising altogether 10 courses in two years, were structured programs providing to students with an understanding of modern and inter disciplinary features. The programme aims at giving fair knowledge of all the important forms of Urdu Language and Literature. The M.A. Ist year program comprises of 5 courses: Course-01: Urdu Lisaniyaat; Course-02: Deccaniyaat; Course-03: Quadeem Sheri Asnaaf; Course-04: Urdu ki Adabi Tahzeebi Aur Saquafati Tareekh; Course-05: Afsanvi Nasr. The M.A. IInd  year courses include Course-06: Urdu Shairi ka Ahad-e-Jadeed; Course-07: Ghair Afsanavi Nasr; Course-08: Adabi Tanqeed; Course-09: Ablagh Navisi; Course-10: Urdu Zaban-O-Adab ki Tadrees.
4. Profile of the Faculty Members
The pedagogy in Open University is different from conventional university. The central core faculty working in the university has to perform multitasks. They are involved in the planning and designing the programme, developing the self learning course materials, preparation of audio and video lectures, coordinating with internal assessment of students, counselling to students in theory sessions and in evaluation process.
At present, one Professor (HoD) and two Assistant Professors (contract) are working in the department.
Faculty Profiles :
Prof. Shakeela Khanam is the senior faculty member of the department. She did her M.A ., M.Phil., & PhD from Central University of Hyderabad. She is the Gold Medalist in M.A in HCU. She joined this University as an Assistant Professor in 1993 & got elevated to Professorship in 2019. She served as Head of department from 2002 to till the date and also as the Dean, Faculty of Arts from 2013 to till date. In addition to this she is the I/c Head Department of Urdu from 2015 onwards. She was instrumental in designing the post graduation courses in Hindi & Urdu Literature and revising existing courses regularly to incorporate the latest developments in the Subject. She has spehereheaded the introduction of new courses namely Anuvad Siddarth Aur Vyvahar, Prayojan Mulak Hindi, Sampadan Kala, Premchand, Aadhaar Pathyakram III, Aadhaar Pathyakram IV at P.G & UG Level.
Awards & Honors:
She has been awarded by one International, 2 National & 1 State awards. She was invited by the Vice Chancellors, MANUU on Deputation for the Development of the Hindi Dept. in 2014 to 2015. She was honored by ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs , Govt. of India as Visiting Professor in Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey in 2006. She has taught in dept. of Indology from 2006 to 2008.
She is Editor, Co-Ordinator & Course Writer for U.G. & P.G. Programmes. Presently she is guiding Eight doctoral students & Three M.Phil. Student in the department. Further she is also an external guide to doctoral students of Osmania University. She participated in plenty of Teleconferences & produced a plenty of Tele Lessons and Radio Lessons. She is member, board of studies for Eight Universities and adjudicator of theses and dissertations, Curriculum Revision Committees of Several Universities in India.
Prof. Shakeela Khanam participated in several International Conferences & Sixty National Regional Level Conferences, seminar & presented papers on a variety of themes. She published Fifteen papers in various Journals & Books. And also published Three Books two Translated books of Maulana Abul Kalaam Azaad National Urdu University are published from the Azad Academy New Delhi (NCPUL).
Dr. Mohd. Khaja Maqdoom Mohiuddin M.A, Urdu from Central University of Hyderabad in First Division & Ph.D., From Osmania University is Assistant Professor (Contract) of Urdu. He has teaching and research experience at university level. His area of interests includes Urdu Prose & Journalism. He has presented 15 papers at National and International Seminars; 8 papers published in journals; Attended Symposias,Seminars, Workshops & Orientation programmes.
He is actively involved in Academic activities like Teaching, conduct the classes, development of self-learning materials, audio & video programs, tele-conferences, framing of syllabus and restructuring of UG and P.G courses as per CBCS pattern etc. He acted as course co-ordinator for 12 U.G books and 2 P.G courses.
Dr. Sumayya Tamkeen M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor (Contract) of Urdu. She has teaching and research experience at university level. Her area of interests includes Linguistics, Modern Urdu Poetry & Literature etc. She has Published 3 Book; presented 22 papers at National and International seminars; 10 papers published in journals; Attended Symposias, Workshops, Orientation programmes & Refresher Course.
She is actively involved in academic activities like teaching, conduct the classes, development of self-learning materials, audio & video programs, tele-conferences, framing of syllabus and restructuring of U.G and P.G courses as per CBCS pattern etc. She acted as course co-Ordinator for 14 U.G books and 3 P.G courses.
5. Academicians Associated with the Department
Several eminent academicians of the sister conventional universities are associated with this department in the processes of curriculum development, course content development and evaluation. The faculty working in the respective colleges where study centres are located are serving as Counsellors to conduct the face-to-face interactive sessions.
6. Number of Courses
U.G – B.A Urdu is one of the main subjects in the undergraduate programme & it has 6 Semesters- 4 MIL ,6 Core subjects + 2 Electives out of the 4 courses, 2 Skill courses.
P.G – M.A., Urdu has 10 courses, 5 in I year and 5 in II year.
7. Student Support Arrangement
U.G & P.G: The student is provided with the Self-Learning Material supplemented by the Audio, Video Lessons and Tele-Conference on specified Sundays. The face-to-face counselling sessions are conducted on Sundays at the study centres. The department has started Online classes for U.G & P.G Courses on Zoom platform, in view of COVID-19 pandemic. The department would undertake P.G course revision work in next year as per university guidelines.
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