Library Science
1. About the Department of Library and Information Science:
The Department is also offering PhD & MPhil Programmes. The faculty members are continuously working on updating the curriculum of the programs to meet the latest technologies and the rapid changing developments in the field of Library science.
At present two Assistant Professors (Contractual Basis) are working
1. K. Kiran Kumar, Assistant Professor (C), Qualification is MLISc. AP SET& UGC – NET.
2. Raja Goud B, Assistant Professor (C), MLISc. B.Ed., PGDDIM, SET& UGC – NET.

2. Profile of the department:
Academicians Associated with the Department:
Several eminent academicians and librarians of the conventional universities are associated with this department in the processes of curriculum development, course content development and evaluation. The faculty working in the respective colleges where study centres are located are serving as Counsellors to conduct the face to face interactive sessions.

3. Number of Courses.
BLISc. programme has 2 Semesters in 13courses in 2 Discipline specific Elective, 2 skill enhancement courses, 6 Discipline specific courses, 1 Generic Elective, 1Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course and 1 Library visit Report (project).
MLISc programme has 1 year in 11 courses: 6 Theory papers, 1Application of Information Technology (Theory), 1 is Information Technology (practical), 4 electives i.e.
7 (A) Academic Libraries
7 (B) Special Libraries
7 (C).Public Libraries
7 (D) Digital Libraries

For Further Details
Department of Library Science
Faculty of Social Science
Academic Branch
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University
G.Ram Reddy Marg, Jubilee Hills
HYDERABAD, Telangana, 500033
Contact Number: 040-23680428