Being a Registrar of the B.R. Ambedkar Open University on a personal note for me is one of the biggest achievements of my life & seeing it grow day by day makes me proud (in a healthy way) to be associated with it.

BRAOU has always believed in that Education is the right of everyone and should be accessible at any place in the world. Hence, it has got the tagline “Education At Your Doorstep.”

The women who are 49% of the Indian Population are also in the lion’s share at the BRAOU. Though the university never discriminates anyone, it is incredible to see people coming various parts of the country (including socially disadvantaged and geographically isolated people).

Unlike other universities (including global), BRAOU believes in the Live & Let Live policy and hence has been the most peaceful university in the South India. My predecessors have always handled the challenges they faced in a non-violent way and I too shall vow to solve the existing & upcoming challenges with same.

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