The following are the main objectives of the University:
  • To provide educational opportunities to those students who could not take advantage of conventional institutions of higher learning.
  • To provide equality of educational opportunities for higher education through distance mode for a large segment of the population, including those in employment, women (including housewives) and adults who wish to upgrade their education or acquire knowledge and studies in various fields.
  • To provide flexibility with regard to eligibility for enrolment, age of entry, choice of Programs, methods of learning, conduct of examinations and operation of the programs.
  • To provide programs complementary to those of the existing Universities in the State in the field of higher learning so as to maintain the highest standards on par with the best Universities in the country.
  • To promote integration within the State through its policies and programs.
  • To offer degree Programs and non-degree certificate Programs for the benefit of the working population in various fields and for the benefit of those who wish to enrich their lives by studying subjects of cultural and aesthetic values.
  • To make provision for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To serve as a source of continuing education, consultancy and to provide equal access to knowledge and higher education.