Directorates – Finance

The Finance Branch headed by the Finance Officer will have the overall supervision of the funds of the University and shall advice the University as regards the measures to be adopted for implementing its financial policy, improving its financial resources and economizing expenditure and also make the suggestions on other matters relating to the finances of the University. It is also responsible for preparation of Annual Accounts and Budget of the University.

The other important functions of the branch are to ensure that the ensure that the income and less due to the University are collected and to watch the progress of collection of revenue and to give suggestions on proper collection of revenues, to ensure that the accounts of the university properly kept and audited, to devise and install a suitable system of accounting and business procedure and to prescribe financial norms to be used in the University.

OFFICERDesignationCONTACT NO.Official Mail Id
Sri M.Venkata RaoI/c Finance Officer040-23680261[email protected]
Sri R. Narsing RaoAsst.Registrar040-23680279[email protected]
Sri MohanAsst.Registrar040-23680274