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  " We may forgo material benefits of civilization, but we cannot forgo our right and opportunity to reap the benefits of the highest education to the fullest extent.........." - DR. B. R. AMBEDKAR         Distance education is a silent revolution contributing to the critical endeavour to reach the unreached… the disadvantage groups and communities. It has the potential of meeting the exponential growth in... - PROF. G. RAM REDDY FATHER OF DISTANCE EDUCATION


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TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TOWARDS MOOCS, THE NEW NORMAL IN EDUCATION, Register for MOOC on Online Course Development for SWAYAM organised by CSTD in collaboration with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA). Registration starts from November 25,2021. Read More...
Online Registration/Enrolment for Massive Online Open Course [MOOC] On Stress Management starts from November 25,2021. Read More...